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Using a Practice Chart

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

We all use practice charts, or a daily piano log, whatever you choose to call it. We as adults can often take for granted that kids intuitively know how to use one, but they don't.

I have spent many lessons having students read me the first item on their chart, do the activity while following the instructions, check it off the list, then go to the next item. I ask them, "what's next?" after each the beginning it takes them all a long time to answer.

Learning to follow a chart is a exercise in sequential thought tied to an activity. It is a valuable skill to establish early so that students learn to do tasks in logical steps. Students who don't do this often skip ahead, then back, and jump all around missing important steps in certain activities.

Take the time to simply practice doing tasks on a chart- breaking it down to something so simple will be well worth your time and will seriously help your patience!

BONUS: Students don't need to stick to the old, boring check mark system. They can color a rainbow or heart in teach box when they have completed a task- or they can use special stickers. This simple change will motivate them to fill out those practice charts, it's pretty amazing!

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