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The Power of Warm-Ups

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Learning how to warm-up at the beginning of music practice is a great second step (after you build a daily habit of playing!) Here are instructions I give my students to learn why we do warm-ups, and what to focus on during warm-ups. You won't get everything at once, baby steps are GREAT, but with this list at least you will know where you are going!


A warm-up is an easy piece or exercise, like stretches for your fingers. They are easy so you can focus on teaching your body and your hands what to do when you play piano! If you warm up properly then your body and hands know exactly what to do when you play your pieces. Now your brain is free to focus on more challenging things like notes & rhythms!

Before you begin go through the checklist to BUILD GOOD HABITS!

SITTING AT THE PIANO Sit on the edge of the bench, not too close! Feet flat Knees together (parallel) Back straight Relax Shoulders and Elbows (no chicken wings!)

Your BODY is ready, now... Find Hand Placement (lift & land, finger number __ on __ )

HAND TECHNIQUE Wrists above the white keys (not too high... not too low) Fingers Curved (no bendy knuckles) Push keys with your fingers (not your wrists) Keep your fingers on their home keys (not up in the air) Hands up & off when you are done!

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