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Progress During a Pandemic

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

I have noticed a big trend in my student's during the Covid-19 crisis- they are getting better at playing their instruments! Their lives have suddenly become much simpler- they are stuck at home with nothing distracting them from simply sitting down to play music. It's been a huge shock to me that students who used to take a year to get through a lesson book are now eating up new songs and passing books in as little as three months!

I attribute this to two things: Time and Increase in Skill.

  1. They have more time to play their pieces. They are getting bored with screen time (surprise, I know! But there is a limit to how much of even technology holds their interest). Students are finding songs they used to play and reworking them, or writing their own songs, and spending a little time every day learning new pieces.

  2. Students are getting better at playing, their songs are naturally becoming more advanced, and the kids are loving the more complex pieces! Beginner pieces aren't always the most enjoyable to play. And while some are written beautifully, if they are played slow and halting (because dexterity is still developing) then they are not satisfying to hear. As my student's skills are increasing they are discovering much more complex and enjoyable pieces!

While there are many obstacles hitting my kids pretty hard right now, I am excited to see them finding enjoyment in accomplishing skill at the piano (or on guitar, drums, singing, ukulele, violin- you name it!). They are learning that hard work brings reward, and they are finding a creative outlet for themselves and sharing the joy of music with their teachers in this time of isolation.

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