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If you can speak, You can sing!

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

You may have heard the saying; ‘if you can speak, you can sing’. You might have brushed it off or scoffed at the knowledge that you’re the exception to this rule. But as simple as it might seem - there is more truth to this than you realize. If you have a voice, and you use it to communicate, I can bet your voice moves in pitch (meaning, up and down). If you can hear when someone has a high voice and someone has a low voice, and if you recognize the tune to ‘Happy Birthday’ --- you can sing!

Singing isn’t completely about the level of our ability at the vocal cords themselves. This comes into it eventually if you want to train and improve of course, but the most crucial part of singing is not in fact, the voice. It’s the ear. Even if you sing totally out of tune, out of key and all the wrong notes - you can learn to sing if you can hear that you’re off pitch. And guess what? Even this skill can be learnt. Ear training is a lot of what we teach in voice classes, and even if you can’t always hear you’re off pitch, if you can hear it once you can also tune your ears to hear it again, and again!

Once you can hear that you’re off pitch, with a little guidance and some practice you can train the voice to sync up to the ear and hit the notes you want to hit. That’s right - you can learn to sing in tune. It might take time, it most certainly will take a lot of patience, but like everything else, practice makes progress! (words of wisdom from BusinessChoir)

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